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(FEB 26, 2016 – APRIL 30, 2016)

Creativity, imagination, and play are celebrated at La Playa Gallery this February as we open our newest exhibition.

Each work reveals different stylistic approaches that echo of an idyllic paradise reminiscent of childhood. They embody themes of playfulness with amusing characters in a world full of adventure and fun.

Featuring paintings from Yuri Kuznetsov, Kay Kaplan, Cathy Carey, and Matt Spangler this show explores the various colors, patterns, and designs that appeal to everyone’s inner child. Together, these fantastical imagery come together to embody a simplified time void of responsibility, work, and unexpected realities of tomorrow.

We invite you to bring your child-like mind, your children and your aesthetic enjoyment of novelty and color. The show begins February 26, 2016.