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(JULY 11, 2015 – SEPT 11, 2015)

La Playa Gallery is pleased to announce the selling exhibition of a fine selection of sophisticated symbolic surf culture paintings, mosaics, fine photography, canvas, clay and surfboards as sculptures.

Featuring works from Katy Helen, AJ Bhowmik, Cathy Carey, Randi Lile, Brian Lemke, Kay Kaplan, Camille Towey and Lisa Ross, this art show explores the important introspection between historic Polynesian impressionism and self-taught local surf culture.

Classically trained contemporary color expressionist, Cathy Carey, will present Polynesian surf culture influences on canvas, inclusive of tikis, surfboards and shacks, while self-taught and gallery-selected surfboard painters Katy Helen and AJ Bhowmik will bring two very divergent styles to surfboards. The surf culture exhibit will be underscored with fine jewelry, ceramics and new painting selections by our featured artists.

  • Lisa Ross, fine art photography on canvas
  • Cathy Carey, contemporary color expressionist oil painter
  • Randi Lile, fine ceramics designer
  • AJ Bhowmik; surf culture and surf board painter
  • Katy Helen, artist, surfboard painter and mosaic stylist
  • Jacqueline La Chapelle, creative jewelry specialist
  • Kay Kaplan, La Jolla area designer and oil painter
  • Sandra Francour, handcrafted fine jewelry designer
  • Camille Towey, architectural designer and artist
  • Helen Powell, handcrafted fine jewelry designer
  • Maureen Blackhall, artist
  • Brian Lemke, fine oil painter