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La Playa Gallery’s Wine and Cheese Reception for Maureen Blackhall

​For July, La Playa Gallery is delighted to bring back for your enjoyment, San Diego impressionist painter, Maureen Blackhall. Blackhall delivers high-quality oil on canvas works of art which emerge from San Diego settings Maureen finds inspirationally meaningful. To honor her accomplishments in art, a wine and cheese reception for Maureen Blackhall will be held next week, Friday, July 23, 2021, from 4-6 p.m. at La Playa Gallery.

About the Artist

In 2019, Maureen Blackhall was one of our most popular painters. We scheduled a return engagement. However, a pandemic got in the way. So now you know the good news. Maureen is back. The other good news is that Maureen has had more time to paint. Twenty-two of her newest works are now being displayed.
Thematically, Maureen Blackhall loves painting natural setting, inclusive of wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of historically significance.

Nostalgia and Setting

In the regard Maureen puts her heart into her nostalgic paintings. She paints from childhood memories. Yet she does so with the confidence of a studied adult.  This is a powerful combination. In this exhibition you will observe this masterful combination crafted into ocean birds on the wing, backcountry settings and coastal settings reflecting what you love about San Diego.

Childhood and Study

Encouraged to paint since she was as a child, Maureen Blackhall brings her trained eyes and delivery of thick oil on canvas into this gallery exhibition. Mark your calendar for Friday, July 23, 2021.
Both of Maureen’s were accomplished artists. Her niece, Melanie Florio, is a professional painter and illustrator. Growing up, everyone in the family painted. “In our family”, Maureen explains, “I found my true love of art in oil painting.”
Maureen has studied oil painting under the inspiration of Lela Harty, Melanie Florio, and Marjorie Taylor. She has also attended workshops with California artists Ray Roberts, Ron Goldman, Rita Pacheco, and Danny Griego.
So again, mark your calendar now for this reception as you will be given the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of this very accomplished and inspired San Diego-born painter.
By now, if you have come to one of our receptions, you know. Gallery wine and cheese receptions are socially warm and friendly local gatherings.

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