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5 Things to Consider When Picking the Right Piece of Art for your Home

You and your home are unique in all the world. This is true because art speaks to you, your personality, your partner, your family values, and even your community environment. Art can enhance productivity and stimulate positive thinking. It can remind you of your aesthetic, especially if it is tastefully placed in every room and outdoor space. Rather than considering one style of art, consider several types of art. You can assess different types of art by attending art gallery receptions, talking with interior designers, or reviewing styles offered online at your local art gallery.

Art in Every Room

Art already exists in every room of your house. Any room with a painting, a poster, a wall hanging, a small, sculpted object, a collection of photos, or even a ceramic coffee cup suggests creative style. Your home represents you. If you and your partner live in an energetic world you may want to consider creating a peaceful environment. If you have large open spaces in your home, you may need to up your game with color or large framed pieces. Large splashy contrasting works speak of confidence. Three-dimensional works can break up large space in a very stylish way. Art in your home does not have to be complicated.

Scale and Proportion

Balance and harmony can be as important as the artist and artwork you hold dear. You don’t want poor scale and proportion fighting against your desire to create the ultimate congruity in your home. Scaling an object to human figures, furniture, and the size of the room itself must be considered. At laplayagallery.com, you can find that most paintings allow you to view the size of the piece in relation to a standard human-scaled couch by clicking “in room view.” If you find yourself in love with a painting or sculpture that does not complete your look due to its size, remember that a singular object may need additional elements that include various sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.

Some rooms are symmetrical, while other rooms are asymmetric. Some rooms have lots of natural light, while others do not. The great news is you are in control. What you like says more than anything. Move things around until your sense of proportion, scale, and balance are satiated. Just remember if a painting speaks to you, you can make it work! 

Think Framing

The frame you select for the art may already be solved if you work with a gallery or the artist who has chosen a frame that already highlights the artwork. Many frames do not reflect the artwork. So fundamentally, experts encourage collectors of art to always choose a frame that is obedient and submissive to the authority of the artwork. Some artists believe choosing the frame is as important as choosing the artwork. Colors, textures, and even sans frame considerations should be assessed.

Big bold elements can handle big bold frames. Fine-lined artworks may best be viewed in simple-lined frames. If lighting along a hallway is already three-dimensional bold frames can be too much. Contemporary frames should complement contemporary room design. Framing can also take an inexpensive work of art and display it as a sophisticated focal point in the room.  

Outdoor Art

Residential outdoor art begins with the recognition that the architecture of the home is outdoor weather-resistant art. The home and all outdoor art should be properly lighted so as to complement the home and the home’s open space, the yard, and its surroundings. Maintenance should also be considered when selecting outdoor art. Water runoff, overhangs, nearby plant growth, and the sun can lead to fading and instability. The best plan of action is to make sure your outdoor art has a secure base. Securing a sculpted metal object to a level base will give you years of joy and the peace of mind that wind force and extreme weather will not disrupt your view.

Perhaps the most important thing when considering outdoor sculptures is professional shipping.  Purchasing a sculpture from a local or regional artist will minimize shipping concerns. Your local art gallery should have many referrals to get you started.

Considering Budget

If you’re on a significant budget you can make your own. You’ll soon find this solution is both satisfying but may be more expensive than you thought. Artists and the art galleries that support the artist also support you. The profit margin for both artists and art galleries is mostly non-existent. When you are buying a work of art remember; the number of hours put into the piece, attention to detail, the value of collecting curated art, authentication assurance, and selection of materials efficiently selected by the artist. The illustration, the paints selected, the board or canvas you purchase, and the time you put in can easily cost more than simply purchasing a highly valued painting by a local painter.

Moreover, many art galleries only offer paintings that will last. An oil and linen work of art will last many generations, whereas acrylics may not. Remember that art, just like online shopping can be purchased in four easy payments or six or 12 according to what you and the art gallery can agree upon. Here’s where your local art gallery can act as a financial hub for the exchange between the artist and the art patron.


Art is a necessity. It keeps you and your mentally healthy, inspired, and productive. It speaks to the higher aspects of life itself and needs to surround your home. It requires openness to different styles, proper placement and proportion with your spaces, and grouping. Framing can be as important as the art itself. You can do it yourself, however, you won’t save in the short or long run by doing so. You’re better off setting a budget and working with an art gallery to make a selective purchase. Most collectors of art make purchases in time and over time to add to their collection.

While local artists are constantly soliciting art galleries to show their works, only the best are found in art galleries. Unless you are buying master’s paintings that cost millions of dollars your local art gallery is your friend, your consultant, your distributor of the best in local art, and your servicing agent. La Playa Gallery in La Jolla, CA provides all these services including holding a large inventory of local artist offerings. Shipping is extra and can be identified by contacting the gallery.

At home installation of Claudia Verciani art
Wall art by Kay Kaplan

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