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Sue DeWulf

  • When I Grow an Artist I Will Be
  • Relaxing After A Day of Crime Fighting
  • Animals Just Come to Me
  • Party Line
Sue DeWulf grew up in Los Angeles, California and has been involved in art education and the art world for over thirty five years. One of DeWulf’s first jobs was a toy tester for Mattel. When she was ten years old she would receive a batch of toys to play with and then take them back after a few months and be asked questions about how she enjoyed them. Through her current ceramic work she is constantly taken back to when she was ten years old playing with toys and to this day it still inspires her work. Through her playful, innovative, and signature ceramic pieces you are constantly experiencing new perspectives, a range of emotions, and discovering different meanings. Through DeWulf’s art process she heals her inner child through her whimsical expression of her feelings. While creating she often reflects upon the pure joy of play. “As we grow we forget what it is just to relax, enjoy the moment and play.” Her motivation for her work is ultimately to create something that takes a bit of a break from the serious nature of things and to create something that she and viewers can experiences a sense of escapism. She strives to have her pieces convey a moment from her childhood, an emotion, or an illustration of an idiom. In addition to her artistry, DeWulf has also taught art to children for over thirty five years. The students that she teaches inspire her through their creative and fresh minds. Alongside her passion for art her ultimate passion is about helping people feel confident in their creativity.