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Sandra Corey

  • The Bigger Splash
  • New Friend
  • the swimmer
    The Swimmer
  • Jacks Print
  • Cabbages
  • Fruit Plate
Sandra Corey is a fourth generation San Diegan and has been an artist for decades. She has lived in San Diego all but the two and a half years of her life that she spent in Davos, Switzerland. There Sandra and her brother moved with their mother and were enrolled in an old-fashioned, public schoolhouse on the hill where apples and milk were delivered by horse-drawn wagons. She has been a full time artists since 2006 when she sold her first painting. Her pieces vary from exceptional oil paintings, collages, digital designs, and abstract art. Corey has always found the enjoyment of the creative process as an integral part of her life. She says that even today she doesn’t know if she titles herself “an artist” but as someone who continues to enjoy participating in the joyful act of the creative process. She specializes in what she defines as Folk Art. This style of creating art entails making it up as you go along, being inspired by an idea and then figuring out your version of it and how to accomplish it with even an untrained hand. Her hopes for her art is to spark a special feeling for her audience to experience that enables questions, nostalgic emotions, and feelings of endearment. Corey states that she loves the art of children as they are not bound by the rules we learn as we mature. She tries to forget the rules and solely create.
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