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Kelley Sutphin

  • Heart to Mind
  • Kelley Sutphin - Radiant - Oil on Canvas - 2,500
  • Emerge
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    Feeling Fancy
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    Sunny Days
Hello, I’m Kelley Sutphin. Before moving to San Diego, I attended The American Academy of art with a major in oil painting and illustration. After college I pursued my career in design and marketing which led me to start my own creative business in 2017. I’ve recently come full circle and have rekindled my love for traditional painting with surreal, dreamy flare that speaks from the heart. Inspired by the natural world and the divinity within our existence, I hope to awaken a sense of magic and wonder in my audience.
I’ve had a life-long love for creating and admiring art. My father had a large collection of art books I would draw from as a child and I believe having supportive parents helped empower me as I honed my craft over the following years. Originally an oil painting major, I also dabble in sculpture and digital media since the world is full of creative outlets if one is willing to try new things. This can be seen in my current work as I incorporate elements like gold leaf, mixed media, and even the digital collages I compose in the preliminary stages of a painting. I find myself most inspired by themes of femininity and nature. Some of my favorite things to paint are beautiful women, the element of water in various forms and how the two seem to compliment each other perfectly. Animals always seem to make an appearance as a secondary character, or even as a focal point as I describe all the beautiful details in fur, scales, feathers, and so on. The world around us is not lacking in inspirational creatures, scenes or even messages and I seek to bring these special moments to the viewer through my art. Outside of the studio, I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and a Navy wife. Often running a hectic schedule, I find the best time to paint is before the sun rises. I enjoy the quiet calmness of the early morning which mentally prepares me to continue my day. Art is a magical way of making the unseen, seen. So why not bring something beautiful into the world?
Kelley Sutphin Portrait
At home installation of Emerge
At home installation of Sunny Days