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Joie McClements

  • Consider the Lilies
  • Reflections
  • Resurrection

Joie McClements is known for her extraordinary use of
color, abstracted realism, and unique subjects. She
draws from her background in teaching graphic design
and photography to cultivate, manipulate, and combine
images in a way that captures the stories she wants to
tell before bringing them to life on the canvas.

Joie was born and raised in Washington State. She
graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the
University of Washington. She augmented her formal
education by studying art and design at Olympic Junior
College in Bremerton, Washington, and art education at Santa Clara University. Joie has studied with prominent California artists Paul Kratter, Jim McVicker, and Ray Mendieta, a former instructor at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.

My art is ultimately about finding joy. During our lives,
we often encounter obstacles and hardships that can take
away our hope and shift our focus. My life is no exception. As I’ve worked through my own struggles, my work has increasingly become a celebration of the joy I have found.

Recently, I have been focusing on flowers which are such
amazing creations, yet only last a few days. I see them as
a metaphor for life. When someone sees my work, I want
them to not only experience joy, but also feel encouraged
to seize the moments of joy that are all around them.