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Dennis Palmer

  • The Last Tango
  • The Diver
  • Touche
  • On a Bench
  • Modern Travel
Dennis Palmer was born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, New York and has been an artists for decades. He studied fine art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and began painting under the pseudonym “El Palmero” in his early twenties. His mystical artwork is ultimately inspired by the things he sees and imagines. He says he constantly is observing the things around him and wonders, “What if those things existed alongside other totally incongruent people, places, or things? What kind of world would that be?” He it constantly fascinated with out-of-place objects and anachronisms. Something he feels is most special to his artworks is the unusual worlds he presents to his viewers. Through his pieces he hopes to represent visions of unique juxtapositions that perhaps haven’t been imagined before. These unique, obscure, and vibrant worlds he creates in his work connect to people in ways that tend to ones inner child. Palmer states that in many ways he is still an adolescent through his curious, wondering, exploring, and easy going spirit. He says he sees the silliness in the things around him all the time. Through the use of his colorful pallet, geometric shapes, and barren landscapes Palmer creates the ultimate dream to reality pieces.
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