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Greg Chapman

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Greg Chapman is at once an artist, architect, runner, and adventurer who is inspired by nature, travel, and physical activity. Together with his wife & high school sweetheart, Laura, they participate in various runs and hikes in their local community and mountains.

Born in rural Indiana to an artist mother and an engineer father, Mr. Chapman’s creative spark ignited with early pencil and crayon drawings.

Passions turned technical during high school and college when he became enamored with architecture and the built environment. Dedicated and decidedly goal-oriented, he enjoyed a successful career as an accomplished architect and accredited LEED professional. Fascinated with sustainable and environmentally-friendly design, his projects have received national acclaim.

Capitalizing on his instinctive photography talents, passion for outdoor adventure, and eye for dramatic composition, many unique images serve as motivation for his modern artwork.
Interest in ancient architectural forms has swept the Chapmans across the globe studying and capturing magnificent scenery and indigenous structures in such diverse places as Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Canada, Scotland, and, of course, the United States. Travel has provided an understanding of the significance that art and architecture play in bridging diverse cultures and enriching lives.

Mr. Chapman is a lifelong runner who enjoys an active lifestyle bursting with backpacking, travel, and grandkids!

Energy. Movement. Passion.

Travel educates and immerses me in cultures and environments.

Photography captures images for recollection and study.

Sketching interprets by refining concepts and compositions.

Painting is creativity unleashed.

With bold strokes, vibrant colors, dramatic texture, and an intensely personal style that dances across the canvas in rhythmic expressions of whimsy, I interpret nature and the built environment by blurring the distinction between the real and the surreal.

My paintings are interpretations of specific moments in time. They are joyous, colorful, and vibrant where every brush stroke is meaningful and heartfelt. Colors are spontaneous, each enjoying a fresh identity.

My artwork strives to breathe life into the environments where they ultimately reside. My graphic interpretations and dynamic compositions captivate and uplift beginning and seasoned collectors alike, every time they stop and consider my beautiful artwork.

I believe that every painting is created for a specific, special individual and invite you to allow one of my exquisite paintings to inhabit your home and touch your soul.

La Playa Gallery: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell us your name, where you live and a little bit about your past?
Greg Chapman: My name is Greg Chapman. I was originally born in Indiana but migrated to Southern California’s “Inland Empire” at an early age, where my wife and I still reside. I have always been drawn to art, starting with drawings and crayons. My mother was a traditional oil painter and, while my art is anything but commonplace, she was my inspiration.

La Playa Gallery: Can you give us a brief overview of the work you create?
GC: My art is difficult to categorize. I believe it exists at the intersection of impressionism, expressionism, and abstraction – always an interpretation of my experiences.

La Playa Gallery: How and when did you get started?
GC: My career as an Architect occupied most waking moments until age 42 and I began seriously painting around the year 2000. I started exhibiting in 2014.

La Playa Gallery: What motivates you to create new work?
GC: It is such an honor when my art become part of folks’ everyday lives, where they hang it in their homes and live alongside it every single day. I like to think that my interpretations of color, light, and movement enhance their well-being.

La Playa Gallery: Is there a specific series you are currently creating and what is the inspiration behind it?
GC: Nature is a big part of my inspiration. Currently, trees have become a major focus. Oaks and Palms with their striking silhouettes are big hits with my collectors.

La Playa Gallery: What is the most indispensable item in your studio?
GC: My digital camera and ink fountain pen, both are constant traveling companions. The camera records images for later processing and the fountain pen allows me to creatively interpret the scenes. I never try to replicate the photographic images. Instead, I like to bring out shapes and compositions that are pleasing and inspirational.

La Playa Gallery: Do you have a routine you follow for creating or only work when inspiration hits?
GC: While there is no set time or duration, I find that inspiration always follows practice so I try to sketch or paint, at least a little bit, every day.

La Playa Gallery: Do you collect anything and does it influence your work?
GC: I don’t “collect” anything specific. However, I do love nature and hike and backpack whenever I have the opportunity. From my adventures, I will bring home a small rock or two from the various mountain peaks or canyons that I visit. We have a large glass vase that they all pile into. It’s my way of remembering to be a little adventurous every day!

La Playa Gallery: What artist or artists have influenced you the most?
GC: I appreciate an eclectic mix of artists and styles. However, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet are among my historical favorites. Contemporary artists include Erin Hansen, Judith Bergerson, Erica Hawkes, Stephen Quiller, Rene Wiley, Peg Fowler, Peter Wileman, and Tony Allain.

La Playa Gallery: Support for each other is so important. Locally, what artist excites you the most?
GC: Erin Hansen in San Diego creates exciting, dynamic colorful compositions. She has a delightful personality and is a fantastic business person – traits that should inspire every artist!

La Playa Gallery: Well, thank you for letting us into your creative world. It’s been a pleasure and we are really looking forward to featuring your work at La Playa Gallery!
GC: It is always a pleasure to work with La Playa Gallery and I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your latest show. Thank you.

Juried Shows


Redlands Artwalk, Redlands


Redlands Artwalk, Redlands
Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs


Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs, Featured Artist
Fontana Arts Festival, Fontana
Redlands Artwalk, Redlands


Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs
LGBT Days, Desert Arts Festival, Cathedral City
Mission Federal Artwalk, San Diego
Redlands Festival of Arts, Redlands
Artwalk @ Liberty Station, San Diego


Southwest Arts Festival, Indio
Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs
Mission Federal Artwalk, San Diego
Redlands Festival of Arts
Artwalk @ Liberty Station, San Diego


Southwest Arts Festival, Indio
Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs
Mission Federal Artwalk, San Diego
Artwalk @ Liberty Station, San Diego

Gallery Representation

2013-2016       STB Art Studio, Redlands

Selected Artist Shows

2014    Two-man Show, STB Art Studio, Redlands
2015    One-man Show, Art Depot Gallery, Fontana Senior Center
2016    One-man Show, Art Depot Gallery, Fontana
2017    “Traveling On” 3-artist show, La Playa Gallery, La Jolla, CA


2014    Cover Artist, Desert Entertainer Magazine-December, Palm Springs
2015    Featured Artist Article, Desert Entertainer Magazine-January, Palm Springs

At home installation of Greg Chapman