A Toast to Artistic Talent: Cathy Carey, Kelley Sutphin, Mac Hillenbrand, and James Rocke

May 27, 2022 – June, 25 2022

You are invited to join in the fun as La Playa Gallery honors two fine painters, Kelley Sutphin, Cathy Carey and two local masters of wood sculptor and inlay, Mac Hillenbrand and James Rocke in a special show entitled, “A Toast to Artistic Talent”.

Young Kelley Sutphin. won first place in the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project juried show last month. Kelley now delivers several new paintings commissioned for the show as original works of art. La Playa Gallery is excited to be the first gallery to show these marvelous works. Do not miss this event!

La Playa Gallery is proud to be the west coast distributor for Cathy Carey paintings. Several new paintings will be on display at the gallery for this event. 

Mac Hillenbrand Is a graduate of the French School of Marquetry. He brings to the exhibition a growing following of fans who recognize and appreciate of his fine art. His in-lay creations are unique in fusing local coastal settings and creatures with embedded wood in-lay.

Finally, La Playa Gallery is proud to feature the wood sculptures of master wood carver, James Rocke. James has won most every award that exists in wood sculpture. He has won so many competitions he is now at the level of master carver competition judge.

You may not find a gallery exhibition event this year that brings together such a high level of artistry in every category on display. So, join us by toasting these fine artists talents at our Wine and Cheese Reception for the artists, Friday May 27th, 2022, from 5-8 p.m. Get inspired, grasp the imagination, or just stop by for a glass of wine and a taste of aspirational thought.