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5 Powerful Ways San Diego Local Artists Nourish Community Culture

As a community, we often take for granted the role that art and local artists play in our lives. Whether it’s the murals that enliven our streetscapes or the public sculptures that add character to our parks, art is all around us, reflecting and reinforcing the values that we hold dear. But what happens when the local artists who create this art are no longer able to make a living from their craft? All too often, we see stories in the news about artists struggling to make ends meet, forced to choose between pursuing their passion or paying their rent. This is not only tragic for the artists involved, but it also has a real impact on our communities. When artists are able to thrive, they nourish our communities culture by the way they help to drive economic development, promote diversity, and create a sense of pride and belonging. They document our history and nourish our culture. In short, artists make our communities better places to live. So how do local artists enrich and nourish our lives throughout our community? Here are 5 ways: 1) They Give Back to the Community Often In our community, there are often auctions and

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